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Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Little Bunnies!

Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Little Bunnies!

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate and welcome Spring than with fun festivities, especially when you have little ones hopping around! It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones, enjoy the warmer weather, and create lasting memories the whole family can enjoy together! 

In this blog post, we'll explore some fun and unique ways to celebrate Easter and how to make it extra memorable for you and your little bunnies! 

Traditional Easter Egg Hunts with an Added Twist

    • Color-Coordinated Hunts: Start with a traditional Easter egg hunt but with an added twist of style! Encourage your kiddos to dress up in their Easter best, using eggs that match the colors of their ensemble! You could even coordinate specific looks, from boys' boutique clothes to girls' easter outfits!
    • Educational Hunts: For each egg your kiddos find, include a fun fact or a simple question - keeping the hunt entertaining while also encouraging them to learn! 
    • Scavenger Egg Hunts: If your kiddos want more of a challenge than your traditional Easter egg hunt, try replacing jelly beans with clues, leading them to their final Easter basket goodies!

Style up Easter with a Fashion Show

Although setting up easter egg hunts is one of the biggest perks to this Holiday, dressing your kiddos up in a cute Easter outfit never gets old, either! If you need help getting your kiddos in the spirit of Easter, try setting up a mini-fashion show where they model off their favorite Easter outfit and get them excited about dressing up! You could even be the judge and pick out your favorite outfit to help build up the anticipation come Easter Sunday! 

Pro Tip: Make sure to capture all the runway moments with fun photos and videos to look back on and recapture these precious moments!

Easter-Themed Games

If your kiddos aren’t one for runways, try setting up an Easter-themed game that will surely get them in the spirit! The best part about this is you really don’t need much and it’ll probably be the highlight of their Spring, with memories that’ll last forever! 

  • Freeze Dance (Bunny-Style): Start off with a traditional freeze dance playing the bunny hop, but as the music continues, change up the rules from dancing to hopping and see how many bunnies are left! 
  • Egg Races: Using either real or fake eggs (your choice of preference), your kiddos have to balance the eggs on spoons using either their hands or mouths. The first one to the finish line, with their egg intact, wins the race! 
  • Egg Toss: This is usually an Easter favorite but requires a partner—and the more, the merrier! Using a real egg that you toss back and forth with your partner, you start out close and then, with each toss, continue to move backward, tossing your egg until it breaks. The partner duo with the unbreakable egg wins the toss! 

DIY Easter Crafts

Dive into the Easter spirit and get creative with your little ones with fun DIY Easter crafts! From egg decorating to bunny-themed crafts, there are plenty of fun options to keep your kids entertained and engaged! Try crafting bunny ears that can be used for more than just crafts but also make the perfect accessory to go along with your kiddo’s Easter outfit! Another great DIY craft for this time of the year is decorating Easter eggs! Whether it’s decorating eggs or creating egg characters, this will lead to endless opportunities of fun for your little ones! 

Easter Themed Story Time

Boost your Easter celebration with a themed storytime, bringing your holiday magic alive! Choose Easter-themed books that capture the holiday's spirit and immerse your family in joyful tales. Don't just read; make it interactive! Try using props or dressing up as story characters to bring the pages to life! This interactive reading not only adds imaginative play to your celebration but can become a new, family tradition favorite! 

Easter Baking and Decorating

Involving your kids in baking treats like cookies and cupcakes is a great way to spend time together and make Easter extra special! After the baking is done, continue the fun with a decorating contest! Encourage your kiddos to get creative and spark their imagination by creating festive, Easter-themed goodies incorporating bright colors and patterns! You can even use your baked goodies as the Easter dinner dessert, and if you really want to make it interesting, offer a special Easter prize for the most creative decorator! 

Easter is more than just a holiday; it's a chance to create wonderful memories with your family. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and cherish the time spent with your little ones. These activities will surely bring your family’s Easter celebrations to life, creating fun and festive traditions for years to come! 

If you need Easter festive ideas for your little bunnies, hop on over to Simply Blessed Kids and come visit us in-store or shop our Easter collection online today!
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