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Events, book our truck for your next event | Simply Blessed Children’s Boutique | Lawrenceburg, KY

Welcome to Our Mobile Children's Boutique Events Page!

Join All the Fun with Our Mobile Children’s Boutique & Let Us Come to You!

We're super excited to introduce our portable children's boutique events page - where we bring the latest trends and timeless classics in children’s clothing right to you - anywhere within the Lexington, Kentucky, area!

Our Upcoming Events

Join the whimsical world of fashion fun at our kids' clothing boutique event – where every outfit sparks joy and every moment is a celebration of childhood style!

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Welcome to Our Mobile Children's Boutique Events Page! We're very excited to introduce our portable children's boutique events - where we bring the latest trends and timeless classics in children’s clothing to you - anywhere in the Lexington, Kentucky area!    

We know how busy life gets, making it challenging to run everyday errands, let alone shop for your kiddos and yourself! At Simply Blessed Kids, we believe that shopping should be a joyful experience that the whole family can enjoy! That’s why we designed our mobile children’s boutique store in Lexington, Kentucky, so that shopping can be more enjoyable and hassle-free! 

At Simply Blessed, we want to help combine your love for fashion with fun and convenience with our portable boutique events! We’ve carefully curated a collection of clothing, accessories, and essentials for kids of all ages to ensure that each item is stylish and comfortable! 

If you don’t love all the products being showcased (even though we know you will), you can always find additional options through our children’s boutique clothing online! 

We're dedicated to making children's fashion accessible, fun, and memorable for all the families within our community! If you're looking where all the fun is in Kentucky, check out our upcoming events and stay in the loop with our children’s mobile boutique!