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Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas Made for Every Budget!

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas Made for Every Budget!

Having a baby shower is an exciting milestone for expecting parents and a celebration that is filled with lots of joy! Typically, the parents-to-be create a baby registry, which can help take the guesswork out of deciding what to buy, but let’s be honest… sometimes life gets busy and we don't always get a chance to browse the baby registry page until the last minute! It's hard not to get into panic mode when all the baby items that the soon-to-be parents have requested are no longer available for purchase! Whether you are looking for ideas to add to your very own baby registry OR need some gift ideas for an upcoming baby shower, here are some cute gift ideas that will be perfect for any type of budget!


If there is one thing we all know about babies, it’s that they go through a lot of clothes! From spit ups to diaper changes- a new baby typically ends up having a larger wardrobe, not to be fashionable, but more out of pure necessity. Onesies are a gift you can not only get creative with but are also very budget friendly. You can opt for a pack of basic onesies that the new mama will be sure to appreciate, especially since it will help cut down on loads of laundry. You can also find onesies in all different patterns, colors and fabrics but if you want to take it to the next level- they even have onesies that will help make diaper changes much more seamless! These onesies double as pajamas and are unique because instead of buttons, they have magnetic closures that will help make those middle of the night diaper changes much easier! 

Matching Sets

Sometimes a baby shower isn’t just for a mother-to-be who is expecting her first child, it may be a “sprinkle” for a mother-to-be who is expecting her second or third child. Either way, nothing is cuter than a matching set! Matching sibling sets are great for when siblings first meet, making it extra memorable and a lifetime keepsake for years to come! Another idea is to visit a mommy and me clothing boutique online or in-store and find a matching outfit for the mama-to-be and her baby! Matching family outfits are such a great way to commemorate a new baby’s arrival! They are also a unique baby gift that may not be part of a traditional baby registry but are sure to be a huge hit!

Baby Blankets

When you think of babies- you can’t help but imagine snuggling them up in a cute and cozy blanket! Baby blankets are special because they not only keep a baby warm while sleeping in a crib or on the go in a stroller, but they can also become special keepsakes. If the parents-to-be already know the name of their upcoming bundle of joy, you can even monogram the blanket with the baby’s initials! Looking for a more budget friendly option? Swaddles are a great gift for a baby’s first few months! Babies tend to spit up a lot so having a bunch of swaddles on reserve is always helpful. Depending on when the baby is due to arrive, swaddle blankets made out of a lightweight fabric may be more appropriate in the summer months! On the other hand, a warmer blanket may be a better option for babies due in the colder months! Another great thing about swaddle blankets is that they can also double as changing pad covers! When it comes to baby products-versatility is always an added bonus! 


Babies go through a ton of diapers so this is always a great gift for the new parents! Since it’s a new baby, it may be tempting to just buy diapers in the newborn size but babies grow so quickly that it may be beneficial to get them in larger sizes too! That way, when the parents notice that their little peanut is growing out of the current size- they have diapers in the next size up which can save them a trip to the store! Another new growing trend is to host a “dadchelor” party or a “Man Shower” for the dad-to-be! This is typically a laid back party where a bunch of guys get together and shower the dad-t0-be with…you guessed it…diapers! In any case, you can’t go wrong with buying diapers as a gift since they are an essential gift for all new parents and will always be greatly appreciated! 

Diaper Bag & Accessories

If your budget is a little larger and you would like to shower the new mama-to-be with something extra special- a high-quality diaper bag is always a  great option and a much needed necessity. When you have a new baby, you no longer have the luxury of just grabbing your keys and phone and running out of the house. Babies require a lot of stuff-and when you are on the go it’s important to have a diaper bag that has plenty of compartments so that you can find what the baby needs quickly! Try and find a diaper bag that isn’t too “baby like” but stylish enough for both the mom and dad to rock! A more budget-friendly option is to purchase accessories for the diaper bag. A cute pacifier holder or snack container are some less expensive items that any parent will be thankful to have readily available in the diaper bag!


Adding to the new baby’s library is always a great gift idea! From classic children’s bedtime stories to Dr. Seuss- there are plenty of options to fill their bookcase. Board books are also nice because the baby can start getting used to holding the book on his or her own! Looking for an added bonus to your gift?  A book can also double up as a card, which has become more and more popular! You can write a heartfelt personal message in the book so that every time the new parents read the book to their baby, they will know it’s from you and you can be a part of that special moment! 

Shopping for a baby shower is super fun but can also be challenging, especially if you are forced to go rogue from the baby registry due to a lack of options! Luckily, Simply Blessed Kids has you covered! We have everything you need to make the parents-to-be feel extra special! From adorable onesies to baby blankets, diaper bags or baby books-we have a wide range of baby items to choose from! Don’t forget about matching sibling sets and be sure to check out our mommy and me clothing boutique for adorable matching mommy & me matching sets!

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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