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Cute Layering Tips for your Babies' Outfits this Fall

Cute Layering Tips for your Babies' Outfits this Fall

The leaves are officially changing colors and the air is turning crisp! That means that it’s time to start thinking about wardrobe changes for the Season and how to keep our little ones warm this fall!  The best way to make sure that your babies are not only comfortable and warm but stylish too is by layering their outfits!

At Simply Blessed Kids, we know how important it is to be prepared for the fall season and want to help you with our cute layering tips for a fun and festive Autumn! So, whether you’re taking your baby on a walk or getting ready for a family photoshoot, here are some cute layering tips to help your babies stay fashionable, yet cozy this fall! 

Start with a Soft Base Layer

When it comes to your baby, comfort should always be your first priority! That’s why an outfit isn’t complete without a breathable base layer that will keep your little one warm and comfortable all day long. A long-sleeve onesie or bodysuit made from soft, yet natural materials like bamboo will ensure that your baby’s body temperature is well regulated and prevent them from getting too hot or cold when you’re out and about. 

Add a Cozy Sweater or Cardigan

Fall is not only about being comfy but it’s also the perfect time to take full advantage of sweater weather! Layering a sweater or cardigan onto a onesie can give your baby the most adorable fall look! Try to choose soft knit sweaters in warm colors such as rust, mustard or forest green! That way, you can be extra prepared for your baby’s next walk in the park or if it gets too warm- you can easily shed the top layer! There’s no reason to compromise comfort for fashion! 

Mix and Match Patterns and Textures 

Layering is all about adding and taking off pieces of clothing but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with mixing different patterns with textures! The fall season is the perfect opportunity to pair a striped onesie with a solid cardigan or to layer a floral dress with solid leggings and a cozy cable-knit sweater! You can shop online for infant boutique clothing or visit your local store to invest in unique pieces that can work with multiple outfits! 

Keep those Legs Nice & Warm 

Mixing patterns and textures can add a visual interest to your baby’s outfit but for those cooler, fall days- make sure to keep your baby girl’s legs warm by incorporating tights or even leggings to a dress! There’s always a variety of colors you can choose from to mix and match with various dresses and skirts to create a trendy outfit! For your baby boy, nothing says fall more than corduroy and khakis! So, no matter who you are shopping for just make sure those legs are covered! 

Invest in Cute Outerwear

Fall is all about chilly mornings and evenings so when you’re out and about, investing in the right outerwear for your little one is a must! A hooded jacket or a fleece lined vest can add the extra warmth your baby needs for fluctuating temperatures! Try to find outerwear that has snap or zipper closures so that you can easily take them on and off in case it gets warmer during the day!

Don’t Forget About Hats & Accessories 

If you want to step up your fall game, a cozy beanie or a cute baseball hat can really elevate your baby’s look while also keeping their little head warm! Don’t forget to add adorable mittens or boots to complete your little one’s fall look! 

Adding layers to your baby’s outfit is not only practical but a great way to showcase their style! By starting off with a base layer in a neutral color, you could always add a cozy sweater or outerwear to keep your little one warm during the chillier times of the day! You can also mix and match different patterns to create comfortable, yet stylish looks all season long!

To get a longer wear out of any dresses or skirts, you can add a pair of tights or leggings in a solid color and make sure that your little one’s legs stay nice and warm! Finally, make sure to always accessorize with hats and gloves in fall inspired colors to complete your baby’s outfit! 

Simply Blessed is all about Fall, so for more looks, check out our large selection of infant boutique clothing and get ready to shop online or come visit us in-store today!
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