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Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you …” This might be the most treasured song to any young child!  Birthdays are special and everyone loves to celebrate them! Whether your little one is celebrating their birthday, or they have been invited to a friend's birthday party, one of our favorite things to gift to a young one is a new book!

Kids love receiving new books with new characters whom they’ve never met before.  Or finding out that a familiar character also has a birthday just like them!  We’ve rounded up our favorite books for preschoolers and youth that are perfect for gift giving.  Which one are you grabbing for your next party your little one gets invited to?

What’s a party without a dinosaur? A quiet one 😊 But, these dinosaurs are ready for a party in “How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?” and they are ready to help your little one learn the etiquette of being either a good host of the party or a guest.  Little one’s love seeing the shenanigans these dinosaurs find themselves in!

Have you ever been to a party with monsters?  It can get quite interesting and little one’s will enjoy “Billy and the Mini Monsters: Monsters Go Party!” and the interesting things little monsters can get into.  In this adorable book, when the guests arrive at the party a little too early, young readers better get ready for some messes and mayhem.  It’s sure to put some smiles on their faces.  And if it doesn’t, knowing that the main character Billy found his mini monsters living in his sock drawer, certainly will!

Books are a great gift for elementary age readers too!  The Billie B. Brown series of books for young girls is one of our favorites.  And when Billie B. Brown is having her very own birthday party in “The Birthday Mix-Up”, she finds herself in a conundrum when she is waiting for her friends to arrive, and something isn’t quite right.  A fun story with large print and pictures on every other page, this series of books will keep that young reader excited to read and excited to celebrate their birthday!  After all, Billie B. Brown has a birthday too!

We can’t forget about the young gentleman having birthdays too!  Hey Jack! Series of books for young boys is filled with fun and exciting stories as well.  Our go-to birthday book for elementary boys is “Hey Jack! The Best Party Ever”.  When it’s Jack’s turn to have a birthday party and his best friend gets sick and can’t make it, see how Jack handles missing his bestie and still manages to celebrate.  This is another book that young readers will love because there are pictures on every other page, but the book offers enough text to challenge readers who are starting to move toward reading chapter books. And Jack himself is full of laughter and humor so get ready for smiles with this one!


We hope your little one and their friends celebrate big for their birthdays and are blessed with many birthday blessings!

Have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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