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Shopping Small with a Small Shopper

Shopping Small with a Small Shopper

Today is Black Friday and many big box stores are offering crazy deals.  Although I am almost done with my Christmas shopping , I am even guilty of browsing several websites today to see if there is anything I just can't live without that may also be marked down 25%.  No matter what point you are at on your Christmas shopping list, I would like to ask everyone to help out their local communities by participating in Shop Small Saturday.  

Last weekend, I decided to take my Small Shopper with me to Simply Blessed Kids at the Ripy House to see what she could find and recommend to you all.  Here are her suggestions:

 1. Warmies- These are adorable stuffed animals that the little shopper made a beeline for.  The bonus is that these critters are scented with real dried French lavender and slightly weighted for a positive sensory experience. We couldn't leave this Kitty Cat behind, and he is now a member of our family. 

2. Books, books, and more books- The next stop our little shopper made was at the bookshelf.  She made herself at home and took a look at several different types.  We love the That's Not My series, but there were options for all ages of children on the shelves.  



3. Melissa & Doug Toys- My girl's favorite item was this Fill and Roll Shopping Cart.  She pushed it all over the store. It was the perfect size for a toddler! The cart includes a reusable grocery list, five labeled grocery boxes, and 3 cans of play food with pop off lids. If you are familiar with Melissa & Doug products, you know these are great quality toys that will be your children and your grandchildren's favorites one day. 

4. Suuuper Size Memory Game- A game of memory is a classic first board game for toddlers.  This edition is perfect for a beginner and features farm animals, which happen to be a preferred topic in this house at the moment. 

And one final recommendation from my slightly taller shopper- 

5. Bath Bombs- Big sis did some Christmas shopping for her friends as well.  She snatched up some bath bombs for her friends to use over the holiday break.  These Two Sisters Bubble Bath Bombs are made in the USA, include a surprise in each bomb, and are a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for all ages.  

 These are just some of goodies my girls picked out from Simply Blessed Kids.  Be sure to stop by on Shop Small Saturday to see what you can find.  If you aren't local, check out their website and shop from the comfort of your home. 

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