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Top Trending Back to School Looks

Top Trending Back to School Looks

Summer is officially over so it’s time to hang up those swim trunks and bust out all the adorable outfits because it’s back to school our kiddos go! A huge part of getting ready for school is not only shopping for all the new school supplies, but also updating your kids’ wardrobes with trendy clothes that will fit all year long! 

At Simply Blessed Kids, our children’s online boutique has the most adorable outfits to help your little ones really shine as they kick off the new school year! Get your kids extra excited about going back to school and make sure you know what trends to consider when picking out all their back to school looks. With our help, your kids will definitely thank you when they become the talk of the bus stop!

Comfortable Fabrics

It’s no surprise that athleisure always wins when it comes to pulling off a cool yet comfortable look! Comfortable outfits that are made from higher quality fabrics are perfect for kids who want to move around freely, while also maintaining that trendy edge. By mixing and matching comfy joggers with graphic tees, you can rest assured that your child can maintain their focus on all the exciting back to school subjects while also being comfortable! 

Personalized Clothing

Comfort is key but nowadays everyone also has personalized clothing items, so there’s no reason to miss out on all of the fun! Having your child’s name or their initials monogrammed on their new back to school attire not only adds a personalized touch but can make the outfit feel extra special. Visit your local children’s boutique clothing store to find out if they offer this service! 

Pro Tip: Monogramming your child’s initials or last name can double as a way to label their clothes or backpacks, which can be super helpful when classmates have the same name! 

Bright Colors & Patterns

Personalizing an outfit is one way to elevate a look but if you really want to help eliminate any back to school jitters, then finding fun clothes in bright and bold colors can really help your little one show off their confidence! From cute girly dresses in unique patterns to comfortable shorts and tops in bright colors, your child can really express themselves.

Pro Tip: Encourage your little trendsetter to pick out their own outfit the night before school to save time in the mornings!

Fun Accessories

Bright colors make a statement but don’t forget to add in accessories! Pairing a favorite dress with a matching headband or adding colorful socks to a short set can change the whole look of the outfit! Having your child pick out their favorite accessories isn’t just about looks, it allows them to explore their creativity and self-expression! 

With summer vacation officially coming to a close, the anticipation of the new school year can bring on many emotions for our most precious humans. So make sure to help boost their confidence by updating their wardrobe with fun and trendy back-to-school looks! Make sure to choose clothes that are made for comfort so they can stay focused, while also having fun with bright colors and personalized items! Finally, don't forget to accessorize and transform a simple outfit into a more trendy and stylish look!

Not only is the right back to school clothing important for your little ones, but making sure that they have the right books and materials can also help your child stay on track this school year! For all your back to school clothing and accessories needs, Simply Blessed Kids has you covered, so make sure to shop our online children's boutique clothing today!

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