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Fun Mother's Day Activities

Top Ways to Celebrate your Favorite Mama: Fun Activities the Whole Family can Enjoy!

Mother’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays because it recognizes all the women we love most in our lives! Whether you’re celebrating your mom, stepmom, aunt, grandmother, wife, sister, friend, or any other motherly figure in your life, it’s an opportunity for families to express all their love and appreciation for everything that she does! 

While the moms in our lives deserve recognition every second of every day, we sometimes forget to show our appreciation in the everyday chaos of life—even though it’s usually the moms who are keeping it all together for everyone else! That’s why it’s important to take the time to make their day extra special—showing gratitude for everything that they do on a daily basis!

We’ve collected a list of Mother's Day activities to show your mom (or that special person) who’s made an impact on your life, just how much meaningful they are! Here are some fun ideas that will not only make her day special but something that the whole family can enjoy together! 

Acts of Kindness Activities:

Breakfast in Bed: (Or anywhere she prefers)—Picture this: the house is unusually calm as she wakes up for the day. The aroma of pancakes and freshly brewed coffee fills the air while the kiddos are hard at work in the kitchen crafting up a surprise breakfast for Mom. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? Plus, nothing shows appreciation more than a feast of love, especially when it's the most important meal of the day!

Baking Goodies: After waking up to breakfast in bed, continue the fun in the kitchen by baking her favorite treats together! Whether it’s cookies, cupcakes, or a special cake, the whole family can join in on the fun while also indulging in the delicious aftermath! Don’t forget that with baking, comes cleaning, which is just an additional way to show your appreciation for her! 

Handling Chores: Another great way to show appreciation is by tackling some of the household chores! Although it might not necessarily be fun for the whole family (especially the ones doing it), it’s something that everyone can enjoy together since who doesn’t love a clean house? Especially if your mom doesn't enjoy doing household chores, but still does them every day - making it one of the best things you can do for her on Mother’s Day! With the chores out of the way, you might even get additional time together as a family, which is definitely something that she wishes she had more of!

Gardening Together: Whether your mom loves to garden or just likes the idea of it but might not necessarily have the time or willpower, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start! Spend the day planting her favorite flowers, herbs, or vegetables that the whole family can enjoy and watch grow together! You can even start a new family tradition where you grow something different each year!

Pro-Tip: Start with perennials since they come back every year on their own. This will not only save you time and money but also give you the opportunity to plant something new each year, allowing you to continue the fun and expand your garden! 

Entertaining Ways to Celebrate:

Family Game Night: Have a family game night featuring your mom’s favorite games! Whether it’s board games, cards, or charades, the most important thing is to have fun playing while also spending quality time togetheras a family!

Movie Marathon: Set up a cozy movie marathon with your mom’s favorite films! Whether it's a drama line-up, romantic comedies, or weepers, she’ll love having a relaxing day (or evening) rewatching her favorite hits! Don't forget to add the popcorn and her favorite candy of choice!

DIY Spa Day: While enjoying time at home, treat your mom to a DIY spa day! Set up a spa station at home with homemade face masks, nail polish, and relaxing music. Encourage the kiddos to pamper mom with massages and foot soaks. Try switching off so everyone can enjoy a little pampering minus your number one customer (Mom), who deserves it the most!

Outdoor Picnic: Make her favorite lunch or dinner, and enjoy a picnic as a family at either your favorite park or even right outside your house! Let mom relax while the kiddos play and enjoy some quality time outdoors. Try making it extra special and dressing up for the occasion! Have the kiddos get ready themselves, wearing an outfit from her favorite children’s online boutique. This way, she has time to get ready, and enjoy her favorite meal while looking her absolute best! You could also surprise her with matching mommy and me outfits, which she’ll probably love just as much! 

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to show the special women in our lives just how much they mean to us! No matter how you choose to celebrate, the most important thing is that you show your love and appreciation for everything that she does. Especially because no one deserves it more than your mama! 

From our family to yours - Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

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