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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

              Christmas Break has come and gone.  The long, cold (or somewhat mild KY) winter is here.  However, we have a little tradition to keep the winter blues away at our house.  The 3rd Annual Game of Games has begun. 

                Although we are not competing for The Iron Throne, the competition is no less cutthroat.  This is serious business in the Wilcox household.  We are competing for the coveted Game of Games Traveling Trophy.  The original statue was created by Jared in 2017 and quickly became a treasured family heirloom.  We actually considered buying a more official model, but our kids talked us out of it.  So, how does one win the Game of Games?  Let me explain.

 The traveling trophy has been residing on Cooper's shelf for two years.

         During Christmas Break of 2017, Jared and I were in the trenches of multiple days at home with two kids. Cabin fever had set in big time.  We wanted to do something fun together that didn’t require leaving the house and spending more money.  So, the Game of Games was born.  The concept is simple.  Each family member picks a board game to play.  We award points for 1st-4th place of each game.  Then, the culminating event is a round of Fireball Island, our most prized board game possession. (Any other kids of the 80s out there know and love that game?)

            After an exciting and dramatic round of Fireball Island, the points are tallied and the winner of the Game and Games is crowned.  This is a pivotal year in the Games of Games history because Cooper is trying for a Three peat and is talking some serious smack.  In fact, Mama had to instate a Trash Talking Penalty for the tournament in order to keep the peace.  Thankfully, no penalties have been handed out just yet.  We’ve also considered creating an award for last place- a Participation Trophy with Matthew 20:16 inscribed on it in honor of our Bibby, who always uses this piece of scripture to calm the child who is upset when they lose a game. (The last will be first, and the first will be last).

             We are 3/5 of the way through the tournament and I’m happy to report that the girls are dominating this year.  Jaycie is in first and I’m in second.  I guess we were a little sick of losing the past few years.  The boys are handling it well.  And as for Lia Cate, she is enjoying some time playing on the floor with some new blocks and trying to sneak game pieces to chew on.  Fun times for all.

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    Absolutely love it, come on boys😊🏆

  • Dustin

    This is excellent!

  • Bibby

    Great fun Ami carry on,and absolutely more good parenting by u 2 and good use of Matt 20:16 Best of today Jaycie😁🙏♥️

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