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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

2020 is coming to an end today. I know so many of you are ready to say goodbye to a hard year.  It was an unprecedented year.  A year that will be documented in history as one of the worst ever.  I get it. I was here. The memories are still fresh. 

 While I agree that 2020 was hard, cruel, and unkind to us all, I can't help but to think that maybe we were given a year to match our attitudes.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that the tone of our world is a bit, well rotten. Almost daily, I witness short tempers, nasty words, lots of pointing fingers, and so much yelling, online and in the real world.  Maybe 2020 was the harvest we had to reap because of the ugly seeds we've been sowing.  

The good news is that today is New Year's Eve.  We still have time to get our act together as we usher in a fresh start.  If you haven't made a resolution yet, may I suggest a few.

1. Practice Gratitude- There is always, always something to be grateful for. Share your gratefulness with others. Focus on that. It is truly life changing. As my husband pointed out today, this year has allowed him to spend more time with us than past year.  We are so grateful for that! 

2. Be The Light- My friend, Shelley talked about this in the last blog.  Share your gifts, your extras, your kind words, and your smile.  The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. (Proverbs 11:25 MSG) This world needs all the blessings it can get.  Pay it forward and pass it on! 

3. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut and your hands off the keyboard- Seriously, y'all.  This would make the world such a better place.  I've seen 3rd and 4th grader learn how to respectfully disagree with others and still demonstrate kindness.  It really isn't that hard. Just do it. 

So while you may be ready to say Goodbye to 2020, I'm focusing on saying Hello to 2021 and welcoming in a new year with a new attitude and open arms. 

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