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10 Ideas For Fun Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Children and Family

10 Ideas For Fun Holiday Traditions to Start With Your Children and Family

Looking for some new traditions or activities to do as a family during the holidays? We have rounded up 10 traditions we are absolutely in love with and think you will be too!

  1.     Bring out the board games! Parcheesi anyone? Sequence? Battleship? Start a tradition of learning a new board game this holiday season! Nothing is more fun than putting the devices away, turning off the television and enjoying some good old laughs and love around the kitchen table. It’s fun to teach our children some of the games we loved to play as kids. Let the kids pick the games they want to learn! You might be surprised at which ones they gravitate towards. Have fun!
  2.     Pick a special ornament for your Christmas tree every year. Make a new tradition of allowing each of your children to pick out a new ornament (or make one) each Christmas that is meaningful and special to them. By the time they are adults and have their own families, they will have an entire tree full of ornaments they have collected over the years and all the stories behind them to tell their spouse and children.
  3.     Take your leftovers to your local Salvation Army, food bank or homeless shelter. Have a bunch of yummy food left over? Make it a tradition to take it to those who might not have had such an amazing meal as you did. Bless someone else with not only good food, but love by sharing with those in need. What other items could you take with you to share? Coats, gloves, hats, blankets, bottled water … the list is endless. Enjoy making someone else smile.
  4.     Pick a special baked good for the holiday and bake it together. Put that year’s recipe into a fun recipe book for each of your children. Change up the baked good each year. Your children will have such fond memories (and recipes!) to look back on over the years.
  5.     Pick a neighbor to spoil and surprise them with a bag of tasty treats and goodies (hint: give them some of the goodies you made from your annual recipe you chose above)
  6.     Grab your virtual passports and choose a new country each year to “visit”. Learn all about their traditions and implement one of them into your own family traditions. What a great way to learn about other cultures and countries!
  7.     Feed the birds (and squirrels)! String together pinecones and popcorn covered in peanut butter and bird seed and take a walk to find the perfect place to leave your beautiful snacks for the local wildlife. Be sure to keep your eyes open for other forest friends you might happen upon (and bring your camera to capture the fun moments!)
  8.     Pick a new holiday movie to enjoy watching together. Grab the popcorn and spend time together as a family watching a new movie.
  9.     Have a family cookie decorating contest! Everyone decorates a cookie (or gingerbread house if you are feeling really ambitious) and then post the photos on your social media and have your friends and family vote for their favorite! The winner gets to be the first one to open a gift on Christmas morning.
  10.   In anticipation of the new toys and books your children will be receiving, have them help you go through their toys and donate some to other children and families in need. When you head to the local Salvation Army, food bank or homeless shelter with your leftover food and new clothing items, bring those toys with you and bless the children as well!

We hope your holiday season is filled with love and joy and a sense of giving back. Tell us in the comments which one of these new traditions you are adding to your list this year! Have other fun suggestions for traditions? We would love to hear them! 

Merry Christmas!

Team Simply Blessed

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