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Amazing, Fun and Unique Gifts for Toddlers

Amazing, Fun and Unique Gifts for Toddlers

When it comes to gifting, half of the fun is picking out something special and meaningful for the recipient. The act of gifting is one of my absolute favorite things to do! It brings me so much joy to see someone light up with the thought of them receiving something out of love. The size and price of the gift don’t matter one bit. Simply sharing love with someone else is truly the gift itself.

As you are gathering gifts for your loved ones during this holiday season, let us help you! We’ve rounded up some amazing gift ideas at various price points to help you because we know how busy this season is! Let’s start with Gifts for Toddlers. Stay tuned for our next blog as we navigate gifts for school-aged children.

Amazing, Fun and Unique Gifts for Toddlers

$5 and under

These ideas are perfect for gifting by themselves or as an add-on and fun little gift with another present! Oh and they are amazing stocking stuffers as well :)

  1.     Melissa & Doug ® Water Wow! On-the-go activity pads - Kids use water to draw and create masterpieces – perfect for the car!
  2.     Melissa & Doug ® Design-Your-Own jewelry kits – Creativity and fun in one package!
  3.     Melissa & Doug ® Playmats – the dinner placemat with more than just a spot to set your plate. Easy to take to restaurants or in the car, these activity and coloring playmats are such fun gifts.
  4.     Melissa & Doug ® Reusable Make-A-Face sticker pad books – similar to the Water Wow! In number one above, this gift is perfect for the car or on-the-go.
playmats fun for toddlers

$15 and under

  1.     Melissa & Doug ® Created by Me! and Loop It! Beginner Craft Set – a craft kit with everything you need to create something fun. No need to purchase any additional supplies. Made for kids with instructions they can easily follow.
  2.     Bubble Bath Bombs – the craze that kids are LOVING right now! With a mix of scents to choose from, these fun fizzing soaps make bath time so much fun.
  3.     Warmies ® - The new-aged stuffed animal. Scented with a hint of lavender, all you do is heat these fun stuffies up in the microwave for 60 seconds and enjoy the warmth and scent as it soothes aches and pains or simply provides warmth and snuggles on cold nights. Littles love these fun animals!
  4.     Puzzles and Games – You can’t go wrong with gifting puzzles or games. With so many to choose from, browse our age-appropriate selection and pick the perfect activity they will love.
  5.     Melissa & Doug ® Wooden Stamp Sets – Endless creativity! You supply the paper and the stamps provide the washable fun. Each set comes with a pack of colored pencils so kiddos can create their own scenes and images.
  6.     Green Toys ® imaginative play toys – Eco friendly and lots of creative fun, these made from recycled plastic toys are a definite item on the gifting checklist.
toddler playing with sloth warmies stuffed animal


$25 and under

  1.     Banana Panda ® - Puzzles, matching games, peek-a-boo riddles, flash cards and more! Made for infants and toddlers, think of these gifts as the introduction to early education learning through flash cards and games.
  2.     Melissa & Doug ® Mine to Love baby doll and accessories – Every little toddler wants a baby of their very own to care for and cuddle. The “Mine to Love” baby doll has so many accessories that the pretend play is endless!
  3.     Melissa & Doug ® imaginative Play Food Sets – After your toddler is done taking care of their baby (see number 2), they will enjoy baking, cooking and grilling with their very own food sets!
  4.     My First plush play sets – Whether it’s tools, sports, veterinarian sets or princesses, toddlers will love these plush toy play sets that come in their very own carrying case with an easy-to-grip handle. Have fun and then when you are done, toss the toys into the carrying bag and be on your way.


puzzle toy for ages 18 months +


We hope this list we’ve rounded up for the best gifts for toddlers helps you and makes your life easier as you search for the perfect, fun gift to share this holiday season. Tell us in the comments which gift you chose and how much your toddler loves it!

Have a blessed holiday season,

Team Simply Blessed

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