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A New Year, A New You: Style Tips to Update your Wardrobe for 2023

A New Year, A New You: Style Tips to Update your Wardrobe for 2023

The New Year is a great time to say goodbye to old habits and to hit the restart button in order to create new ones. We often start out the year with several resolutions and goals, but in reality not all of them stick, and that’s okay! Here are some tips to help you stay on track with fashion trends and to update your wardrobe so that you are ready to tackle 2023 in a fashionable way while looking great!

Start with a Clothing Cleanse

Many of us start the month of  January out with a detox or a cleanse to reset our bodies after all of the extra treats and heavy meals during the holidays. Some people vow to give up drinking alcohol, or to start a juice cleanse,  but your closet deserves some attention too! The beginning of the year is a great time to go through your closet and to determine which items you actually will wear, and which items are just taking up space. 

If one of your goals is related to weight loss- choose a few favorites that may be a little too snug right now but can act as your “goal outfits” for the “new” you! Make sure to only keep a few of these outfits because a huge part of rewarding yourself with achieving your weight loss goals is to GO SHOPPING! Once you hit one of your goals- take a trip to your favorite women’s clothing store or visit your favorite online women’s clothing boutique- after all, you deserve to treat yourself!

Host a Clothing Swap Party

As the saying goes, “one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”. Once you’ve re-visited your wardrobe and zeroed in on clothing items that you no longer wear-why not get together with your girlfriends and see which one of them would be interested in wearing them? You can also invite them to bring clothes that they have cleansed from their closet to take part in a fun clothing swap. Transform your closet into your very own women’s clothing boutique!  You can bust out your cutest charcuterie board and invite your friends over for an evening filled with laughs, fashion shows and free clothes! This is a great opportunity to give away your clothes while also scoring some new additions to your flourishing wardrobe! It’s a total WIN, WIN for everyone! 

Organize your Closet

Once you’ve tackled the tough part of purging your closet, the next step is to make sure it’s organized. Make sure you can access all of your clothes because if they are out of sight, they will be out of mind which means you won’t wear them. A great way to check and see what clothing pieces you are actually wearing is to use the “reverse hanger trick”. When you hang up all of your blouses, shirts and dresses- make sure you hang them up with the hangers inverted. This way, the open end of the hanger faces you rather than the back of your closet making it more visible. Once you wear something. change the direction of the hanger so that the open end of the hanger is now back to normal (facing away from you). Revisit your closet after 3 months, and you will get a feel for what clothes you are actually wearing for the season, and which ones you aren’t. This will help you get rid of even more clothes and make room for new ones!

Take Fashion Risks

It’s easy to get in the routine of wearing the same colors but the new year is a great time to experiment with colors that may be a little outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be shy to mix and match neutral colors with bright colors that will really pop with a statement necklace or a pair of shoes! It’s also fun to mix different patterns and textures to achieve a very chic look! You can always start slow by keeping your look neutral and introduce just one bold piece to your ensemble. Once the compliments start rolling in, you will be ready to experiment with even more color!

Add to your Collection of Accessories

Super trendy styles sometimes fade in and out. From skinny jeans to mom jeans, the fashion world can feel fast paced and hard to keep up with. Building up your accessory collection is a great way to use your existing wardrobe to create versatile looks that are perfect for many occasions. The same dress can look completely different depending on what shoes, handbag or jewelry you can pair it with. A little black dress is a perfect example of how much an outfit’s whole vibe can change when you accessorize with casual or dressy accessories. Throw on a pair of casual flats and you are ready for a day of shopping with your friends! That same dress can also transform into something more suitable for date night once you slide into some fancy high-heels and put on a pair of beautiful earrings. 

It’s easy to overlook the accessory section when shopping online because we tend to focus on shopping for clothing. Next time you are browsing your favorite online women’s clothing boutique, make sure to check out what accessories they have. From earrings and bracelets, hats to shoes- having several different accessories to choose from can help your outfit go from basic to fabulous in no time!

It’s fun to follow fashion trends every year but that doesn’t mean that what you have in your existing closet is no longer wearable. By making a few subtle changes to your wardrobe, and purging items that no longer fit or are too worn, you can make room for some new fun pieces! Spending a lot of money buying new items to refresh and add to your closet is also not necessary. Most of us are all in the same boat and by reaching out to other friends who are interested in a closet refresh-we can always swap clothing to be more cost effective.  Setting resolutions and goals can also help incentivize shopping and make you feel better about treating yourself! Shopping is WAY more fun when you go outside of your comfort zone and to play around with colors and patterns! Make sure to visit our online women’s clothing boutique, Simply Blessed for trendy and comfortable clothes that will be a great addition to your current wardrobe. Don’t forget to check out our collection of accessories too! 

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