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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Little Sweethearts this Year!

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Little Sweethearts this Year!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s nothing more fun than celebrating LOVE! In the past, Valentine’s Day used to be a day geared towards couples, but in recent years, Valentine’s Day has evolved. It’s a more inclusive holiday and is no longer just about romance but more about spending time with the people you love and for many of us, this means celebrating with our kiddos! Let’s be honest, babysitting on Valentine’s Day can be expensive anyway- plus every restaurant is usually overbooked. Here are some kid friendly ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year with the ones you love most!

Plan a Little Galentine’s Night Out!

Get your little girl into the “Galentine” spirit and plan an early dinner with some of her girlfriends and their moms! This is a great way to get to know some of your daughter’s friends and to create deeper connections with the moms! Want to be extra cute? Visit a girl’s clothing boutique and dress in matching mommy & me Valentine’s Day themed tops!  Valentine’s Day is all about Pinks & Reds so get pretty in pink and paint the town red with your favorite gals!  


Decorate Valentine’s Day Themed Cookies!

Valentine’s Day is all about candy, chocolate and hearts! So why not roll out some of your favorite sugar cookies and decorate them with your little sweetheart? This is a fun activity for younger ones who may not know what exactly Valentine’s Day is about but will surely feel the love when they get to devour these treats! It’s a win, win!

Plan a Valentine’s Day Themed Family Photo Shoot!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to visit your favorite girl’s clothing boutique and to pick out some extra adorable heart themed outfits! If you have multiple kids, it’s extra fun to dress everyone in matching sibling sets and to have a photo shoot! This is a great way to document a baby’s first Valentine’s Day or to capture a loving moment as a family! 

Enjoy a Fancy Family Dinner at Home!

As much as going out to dinner is fun- depending on the ages of your kids- it might be more comfortable to enjoy a meal at home. You can order in or create a menu that is a little more “fancy” than usual! Make sure to set your table extra special for the occasion and get your little ones involved in making place cards for the family! 

 Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your little ones how to spread the love! For more adorable outfits and gift ideas- make sure to visit our girl’s clothing boutique, Simply Blessed Kids today! 

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