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Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for the Entire Family!

Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for the Entire Family!

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with your family even if you aren’t Irish! From attending an Irish parade to baking soda bread- there’s a lot of fun activities you can do to commemorate the day! So grab your little lad or lassie and get ready to have some fun this St. Patrick’s Day! 

Dress the Part and Wear Green

In Irish folklore, it is believed that wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns who allegedly like to pinch anyone they see. The color green also represents Ireland’s nickname: The Emerald Isle. Some people even believe that wearing green will bring you good luck! Either way, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the color green and what better way to celebrate than by dressing for the occasion? Green is a common color that most of us have in our wardrobe but on St. Paddy’s day, it’s all about letting your inner Irishness shine so why not get extra festive? Visit your local boy’s clothing boutique or shop online for some adorable options such as this shamrock adorned green “Mr. Pinch-Proof” shirt! Your little guy may be invisible to leprechauns but that doesn’t mean his cheeks will be pinch-proof from loved ones! 

Build a Leprechaun Trap 

St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without leprechauns and let’s be honest, they are basically its mascot! Leprechauns are known to be mischievous and play tricks on people but as the tradition goes, if you catch a leprechaun they must grant you 3 wishes in order to be released!  Building a leprechaun trap is a great way to bust out your craft supplies and really get your little ones’ creative minds going and most importantly, keep them busy! 

Plan a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Scavenger Hunt

In true Irish folklore fashion, what better way to find the Pot ‘o Gold at the end of the rainbow with a scavenger hunt? You can even get other neighbors involved and hide treats around your neighborhood so that your kids can all work together to figure out the clues. If this seems like a lot of work or the weather does not cooperate-there are a lot of St. Patrick’s day themed pre-planned scavenger hunt options available on the internet! 

So no matter how you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day- Simply Blessed Kids has some really cute ideas that will be fun for the whole family! Looking for something extra special to wear for the big day? We have St. Patrick’s Day themed outfits for the whole family and you can shop our boy’s clothing boutique online or in-store for some especially adorable options for your little lads! 

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