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Easter Basket Filler Gift Ideas

Unique Easter Basket Gift Ideas to Make Easter Extra Special this Year

Easter is a special Religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is filled with many long-standing traditions unique to each and every family. From Easter egg hunts to Church, or enjoying a lovely meal with the family and sifting through Easter baskets, it’s a special time to reflect on your faith surrounded by all those you love. In the past, Easter baskets were typically filled with foods forbidden to consume during lent. However, over time, Easter baskets have now become associated with candy, chocolate bunnies & marshmallow peeps. Today, Easter baskets are also filled with non-food related items and toys! 

To help take the stress out of figuring out what to incorporate in your child’s Easter baskets, here are some unique and practical ideas that will be sure to wow your little one this year! 

Get Creative with the Easter Basket

The Easter basket has long been linked to a classic wicker basket, a classic vessel to hold goodies and treats for boys and girls. For some of us, it's a common tradition to hide the Easter basket somewhere around the house and to wait for our kids to find it! For others, the Easter basket is presented to children after attending Church. It’s also a common practice for kids to open their Easter baskets first thing on Easter morning!

No matter what your family tradition is, the basket plays a starring role and there are a lot of ways you can get creative with what represents  a “basket”. For example, try picking something that can double as both a basket and a toy so that it can be used in the upcoming summer months! You can also fill a beach bucket with a mix of Easter related items and sand toys so that once Easter has passed- your little one can enjoy the “basket” all summer long! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Looking for something more traditional? You can always find classic Easter baskets lined with traditional Easter patterns at select children’s online boutique!

Pick a Theme for your Easter Baskets

We all know how easily our kids become obsessed with a character or toy once they discover something they really like. Nothing makes an Easter basket more personal than choosing a theme based on something your child loves! From trucks, to mermaids and dinosaurs- the possibilities are endless! Many stores even offer pre-made Easter baskets which can be a huge time-saver! Your little one will be super excited to go through their specially curated Easter basket filled with items based on their favorite theme! 

Make Baby’s First Easter Basket Special

For some of us, Easter is extra special because it’s our baby’s first Easter! Although he or she may be too young to fully understand the concept of an Easter basket, that doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable! You can fill your baby’s Easter basket with items such as stuffed animals, teethers, pacifiers and comfortable PJs! You can even take some pictures of your baby inside of the actual Easter basket to commemorate the occasion! 

Devotional, Board & Activity Books 

When you think about Easter baskets, you typically think of candy and toys but throwing a book into the mix is a great way to help your little one exercise their growing mind! For older kids, a devotional book is the perfect way to celebrate Easter and will encourage them to spend more time with God reflecting on scripture and prayer.  A board book or puppet book is a great option for your littlest bunny too! Hoping to keep your little one occupied during church? Coloring books and activity books are also great additions to any Easter basket and can help benefit you too!

Bunny-Themed PJS

There’s nothing cuter (and cozier) than dressing your little ones in matching Easter themed pajamas after a fun day filled with Easter activities. Several children’s online boutiques offer various options such as matching sibling sets that come in various sizes and colors! Celebrating Easter with extended family? Grab a pair for all of the cousins so that everyone can celebrate as little bunnies after Easter dinner together, in both comfort & style! Once their little heads hit their pillows from all the celebrating, you shouldn’t hear a PEEP from them! 

Card Games & Puzzles

Incorporating some fun games & puzzles into the Easter basket is another great way to get your kids excited and to keep them occupied! Card games make the best Easter basket fillers because they are small and won’t take up much space. Games such as Old Maid, GO Fish & Memory are all great card games that will not only keep your child busy but also a great way to get siblings to play together. Puzzles are also a great option for littler ones who don’t quite have the ability to play a game yet. You can find an Easter themed puzzle or stick to any puzzle in general so that your little one can play with it all year long.  

Fillable Easter Eggs 

Nothing screams Easter more than Easter eggs! It’s fun to fill those pastel colored plastic eggs with candy for an egg hunt but why not also include some of these eggs in the actual Easter basket too? Instead of filling them with candy, you can opt for candy-free items such as stickers or wind up chicks that are not only fun but also adorable, and would make the cutest filler for a plastic Easter egg! 

Egg Coloring Kits

One of the more popular, fun-filled Easter activities typically includes dying Easter eggs! In the past, this meant boiling a bunch of eggs and dying them in a solution of vinegar, water and food coloring. Although this has been a long standing tradition, it can often be messy, fast forward to Easter egg coloring kits! You can now buy kits that make Easter egg decorating even more fun! From stickers to glitter- these kits have streamlined the process. Looking to take Easter egg decorating to the next level? Treat your little one to an automatic egg decorating spinner kit! They usually come with non-toxic markers and an automatic egg spinner that will make the egg decorating process less messy and the designs even more intricate! Thank you-technology!

Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away and Simply Blessed Kids has all the items needed to help you think outside of the “basket”!  We have a wide range of books, toys, candy and Easter outfits to help make Easter extra memorable this year, no matter what size or age your little bunnies are! Check out our children’s online boutique today for some unique Easter basket fillers that your kids will absolutely love! 

Easter Basket Filler Ideas
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