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Timeless Toys you Don't Want to Miss this Fall from Melissa & Doug ®

Timeless Toys you Don't Want to Miss this Fall from Melissa & Doug ®

There’s another wonderful brand of toys and books that we carry here at Simply Blessed Kids that we absolutely love!  We love the story behind the brand as well as the amazing quality of the products they make.  You’ve probably heard of them before, but you might not know the story behind the brand.  So, let’s tell you a little bit about the toy brand Melissa & Doug ®.

Husband and wife team Melissa & Doug Bernstein knew they wanted to work with children in the form of education and helping young children learn through play.  What started as a brand called “Lights, Camera, Interaction!” making children’s short films and interactive videos for kids in their home office (one of the first of its kind at the time), overtime grew into making children’s toys and books.  While producing children’s films did not give them the launch pad to brilliant success like one would assume, a fuzzy farm puzzle did.  And that fuzzy farm puzzle was just the beginning! After years of hard work getting their products into the marketplace, “Lights, Camera, Interaction!” evolved into the brand as we know it today, Melissa & Doug ®.

Not only are the Melissa & Doug® toys fun for kids (and let’s be honest, adults too because who doesn’t love to have a tea party with their little one?), but they are amazing quality which makes them durable enough to pass down from generation to generation.  Many of their toys are made from wood materials, metals and canvas and have very little plastic.  The goal of the Melissa & Doug® brand of toys is to provide children with imaginative play by using items that don’t need to be charged, require screen time, and get kids moving!  From toys to books to puzzles, kids are thoroughly entertained and challenged all while having fun. 

Oh, and fun fact, did you know that Melissa & Doug Bernstein have 6 children of their own?!  While their children are grown now, we think that the husband-and-wife team knows a thing or two about raising children and the importance of imaginative play.  And not to mention, what toys kids love to play with! Let’s just say they had a one-up in the toy biz in our opinion.

Click here to browse our large catalog of Melissa & Doug ® toys!  Some of our favorites are the imaginative food play sets, Art & Craft sets (to keep those little hands busy and those minds learning!), Water Wow! On-the-go activity pads (kids use water to draw and create masterpieces – perfect for the car!) and Created by Me! Craft sets … just to name a few!

See our full list of Melissa & Doug ® items available at our children’s boutique at

Have a blessed week!

Team Simply Blessed Kids


Reference list: Nebraska Public Media. 2018. “How I Built This with Guy Raz – Melissa and Doug Bernstein” Last modified February 5, 2018.

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