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Top 10 Books We Love for Kicking Off the School Year

Top 10 Books We Love for Kicking Off the School Year

Can you believe summer is coming to a close and school is starting back up?  I don’t know about you, but I feel like it was just the 4th of July yesterday!  As anxious as we are to get back into school schedules, classes, and activities, sometimes the littles in our lives take a bit to get warmed up to the idea.  Whether you have a little one just starting school or a more seasoned elementary school goer, they too start to feel all the feelings as we transition from summer to fall and all the fun that goes with it!

So, what can we as parents and caretakers do to help make the transition as smooth and fun as possible? Be an open ear for our kiddos and allow them to express their feelings and desires!  Our favorite way to do this is through dinnertime discussions and reading fun books together!  We’re here to help you and we’ve rounded up our top 10 books we love for kicking off the start of the school year.  And who knows, maybe these will spark some fun dinner conversations as well.  Some of them are pretty silly!

Let’s start with the littles and our favorite activity books to keep them moving, learning, and having fun!  Our “Get Ready for School Wipe-Clean Activity Pack” is 4 books in one AND it comes in a carrying case, perfect for little hands.  This is a great one to grab on the way out the door for use in the car! And speaking of car rides, who’s kiddo is heading to the Dr. for all their back-to-school checkups? Our favorite book to ease anxiety about the dreaded doctors office is “Going to the Doctor” by Stephen Cartwright.  It’s a cute book that introduces littles to situations they might find themselves in for the first time.

“David Goes to School” and the classic “Clifford Goes to Kindergarten” are our favorite reads for getting those first day jitters under control.  Did you read the Clifford book series as a kid?  We love that Clifford the Big Red Dog is still a favorite character for helping teach and inform little children.  Another favorite for kiddos just learning about various subjects in school is “Adding at the Circus”. A first look at math with this slide and see book will have your kids enjoying getting into the rhythm of learning.

Keeping things silly and fun, we love “Nibbles The Book Monster” and “When I Grow Up”.  Bet you can’t read these two books and not crack a smile!  If you are looking for a fun, interactive book, try the “Shine-a-Light” series by Usborne books.  All you need is a flashlight!  Our favorite read from this series for heading back to school is “At The Library – Shine-a-Light”.  It’s a fun way to discover all the amazing things you can find in the library!

Got some older students who are reading on their own?  Our two favorite series are the “Fly Guy” Series and the “Billie B. Brown” Series.  These are great books for readers who want something they can take with them in the car or on the bus and pass the time with a fun read.  Even parents enjoy reading this series to their kiddos!  Take turns each reading a page!

Have other suggestions or other back-to-school books your kids love to read?  Share them in the comments below!  We would love to hear from you! We hope your school year starts off with a bang and your kids are excited to see friends, meet their teachers and learn a lot this year! Here’s to a blessed school year!


Team Simply Blessed Kids

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