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The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for the New Mom in Your Life

The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts for the New Mom in Your Life

Oh baby! When that special baby shower invite arrives in your mailbox, get excited because we have the PERFECT gift guide that’s just for the new mama! Trust us, she will love these beautiful gift ideas.

With sophistication and amazing quality, Itzy Ritzy® chic baby gear and accessories will definitely make the new mama smile. We’ve rounded up our absolute favorites and why we love them so much. You ready?

Let’s start with the ultimate item every new mama absolutely must have … Diaper Bags!

itzy ritzy diaper bag

Itzy Ritzy® diaper bags are not only beautiful to look at (I mean hello gorgeous colors and prints!), but they are the perfect functional accessory. Our favorite style is the backpack diaper bag! Having the ability to have all the things you need for baby readily available with the ease of carrying them securely and comfortably on your back, is just what every mama needs.

These bags have busy mama and on-the-go baby in mind! They have signature rubber feet on the bottom to protect the bag from wear and tear and from all the dirty surfaces. They have pockets upon pockets for holding bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes and even snacks. And they come in several different sizes so you can pick the size and functionality that fits the new mama’s lifestyle! And don’t worry, there are also fun accessories you can get as well, and we are talking all about those next.


cheetah print itzy ritzy organizing bags stacked on top of one another

Help the new mama be the queen of organization with specially designed diaper bag packing cubes.

Itzy Ritzy® Like A Boss™ diaper bag packing cubes are genius and help keep your bag organized and easy to get to. Coming in with 3 different sizes, these packing cubes are perfect for everyday use and for traveling as well. You can use all or some of them at one time. It’s totally up to you! The top of the packing cubes are made of a mesh fabric so that you can easily see what’s inside and it has a handle for easy grabbing and carrying. Go crazy and mix-and-match your packing cubes to your diaper bag. Being stylish has never been so much fun!

woman pushing stroller with itzy ritzy diaper caddy


When mama needs to take baby on-the-go, she needs this fun accessory!

Made with the same chic look of the diaper bags, we love the functionality of the Itzy Ritzy® Travel Stroller Caddy. Made specifically with adjustable straps to fit virtually any stroller, this chic bag adds another layer of grab-and-go ease. They come with zipper pockets for your phone and keys along with pockets for bottles and anything else you might need! Aren’t they so cute?! And you guessed it, they come in all kinds of different colors and patterns. Hmmmm … now which one to pick?

All the add-on’s that make ALL the difference!

It’s all about the add-ons and the little things that make all the difference for the new mama…

  1. Bottle Bags – Yep, it’s a must have item! And you better believe you can get a matching one that goes with the diaper bag you grabbed for her :) This accessory is perfect for grabbing when you just want to take a couple of items with you for baby as you run into the store or into daycare. Keep baby bottles cold or warm with these insulated bottle bags. There’s also plenty of room for babies’ food and snacks as well!

 itzy ritzy bottle bag

  1. Reusable Wipes Case – Looks like a clutch wallet but acts like a baby wipes case! How cool is that? You want to know something else that makes this chic case unique? It can clip to your car visor! Talk about versatility. Toss this into your diaper bag or carry it on its own. Either way, it’s essential.

  1. Mini wallet card holder & key chain – The accessory that hooks directly onto any of your new mamas’ portable bags! Easily grab cards and other small wallet items by clipping this adorable key chain onto any place she wants. Plus, you can use it with your purse too! No more digging to the bottom of your bag for your essentials.

  1. Hand sanitizer charm keychain – The essential item we all need these days! Have easy access to sanitize your hands (and your toddlers as well) with these adorable key chain sanitizer storage clips. Like the mini wallet, you can clip them onto any bag or purse or just toss them inside for easy and quick grabbing.

  1. Pacifiers, pods, clips, oh my! – Who knew that baby could use so many things? We are rounding out our add-on accessory list with all things baby pacifiers. 

Ok, first of all, how adorable are these pacifiers? Talk about cute and chic! How do you pick just one? The answer? You don’t! Better grab a few because you know you will be needing them. 

And while you are at it, be sure to grab a pacifier clip to keep the pacifier close to baby. The Itzy Ritzy® Sweetie Strap™ is made from the same silicone as the pacifier which makes cleaning it a breeze. And when you aren’t using the pacifier, be sure to grab the Pacifier Charm Pod Keychain to keep the pacifier clean and easy to grab for when you need it the next time.

Whew, that’s it! How can the new mama not feel loved and ready to take on the day in style with all of these fun, chic gift ideas?! We bet she will be smiling from ear to ear when she opens the gift. Here’s to sweet smiles, soothing snuggles and all the blessings for the new mama!

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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