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Got Snow? 4 Activities to do with your Kids this Winter

Got Snow? 4 Activities to do with your Kids this Winter

Old man winter is here! As much as we love the changing of the seasons, if you live in a cooler climate, it can be challenging to find activities to entertain our young ones while they are inside. Getting outside to play and run is the best but, when it’s subpar temps, what’s a preschooler to do?

You know we’ve got you covered with some fun, and creative, activities. You ready? Here are some fun things for outdoor play when the temps allow and for inside play when they don’t!

Got snow? Get outside and enjoy these entertaining activities.

1. Bundle up the littles and send them out to play. But not just any play! Mix together a little food coloring and water in a squirt bottle and let the kids spray the snow!

They can draw, play a game or just make some creative art. You can use whatever “tools” you have around the house to hold the coloring, but simple and inexpensive spray bottles, ketchup bottles (recycle some of your old ones!) and even little eye droppers or syringes make for some creative fun. And when they get too cold outside, grab a bucket, tray or Tupperware container, and bring some fresh snow indoors. Let them work on a smaller surface creating masterpieces! It’s fun to educate littles by allowing them to mix colors and predict what the new color will be, etc. Think of it as science and fun!

kid playing outside in the snow activity
2. Another fun snow activity is making Snow Ice Cream!

Have you ever tried it? It’s almost a rite of passage for those that live in snow filled seasons! It’s simple, fun and tasty to make. It’s an easy activity for young toddlers and pre-schoolers to make with an adult. You can make an entire batch in about 5 minutes (okay maybe 7 with toddlers helping :)

Here is one of our favorite recipes! Feel free to add chocolate syrup, candy toppings or literally anything you like to it. Let the kids get creative with their “cooking”. We love to add fresh fruit to ours as well. It’s so tasty!


3. When the temps don’t hold up, opt for some indoor games.

From puzzles to games to craft making kits, we’ve got you covered with some of our favs!


Wooden Stamp Sets – Endless fun with this one as it’s alphabet and number stamps! Educational and entertaining, check! Just grab some paper and let the kids have fun being creative. These stamp sets will last them a long time due to their sturdy, high quality materials.

Magnetic Dress Up Dolls and Play Scenes – Want something that kiddos can do on their own over and over again? Grab them these magnetic sets! Unlike sticker sets, the magnetic sets can be reused, and they are easy to store in the sturdy carrying case.  Melissa and Doug® Disney Princess Magnetic Doll and the Melissa and Doug® Show Horse Set are our two favs right now. Great for gifting as well!


little mermaid magnetic doll

Activity and Drawing Pads – Take a peek at this fun new skill enhancing activity for little ones! Melissa and Doug® Scissor Skills Activity Pad has everything you need for your favorite preschooler. Recommended for ages 4+, little ones get to practice various cutting skills on pre-printed, fun pages in a paper size that is easy for them to hold and manage.

Interactive Toys that don’t require screen time? Yes, please! - This new interactive dashboard will be perfect for all ages because it’s full of lights, sounds AND a scrolling GPS system. Say what??? Yep, it’s a fun one. Brought to you by, you guessed it, Melissa and Doug®. The Vroom & Zoom Interactive Dashboard will absolutely be a kid favorite and you know this one is built to last. So, feel free to share it with cousins, nieces, and nephews and all the neighborhood kids!


vroom and zoom interactive dashboard

Learning the alphabet and all things numbers in a really fun way. These flash cards put the old standby flash cards to shame! These are so much fun (even the adults find them fun to play with!). Introducing Melissa and Doug® Poke-A-Dot learning cards and books! Learning those preschool skills has never been more fun and entertaining. We bet you can’t sit there and not pop the irresistible buttons on the cards :) Learn the alphabet and fire up the counting skills with these irresistible products. Available in lots of options! Grab a couple sets here.

learning cards and books from Melissa and Doug

4. Just because the temps are cooler, and you are inside doesn’t mean you can’t still get some exercise.

Let’s help your toddler and preschoolers get all that energy out with these fun games that move their body!

Let’s Dance! 

Whether it be free dancing or synchronized movements to their favorite tunes, little ones just like to move and groove! Turn on the music and tell the children that when the music stops (when you hit pause) they have to freeze in the dance move they are in without moving a muscle. It’s the calmer version of freeze tag. You’re welcome!


black and white outlines of kids dancing

Indoor obstacle course

Get creative and build a fun obstacle course with your littles and watch them try to navigate through the challenge. Using buckets, laundry baskets, balloons, blankets, and anything else you can find around the house, make them move and stretch while challenging themselves to find their way through the path. And don’t forget to take a turn yourself :)

Build a parachute!

Grab those sheets off their bed (ideally toddler sheet or even a crib sheet) and have the kids work together to build their very own parachute for their favorite stuffy in the living room. Let the kids hold onto the sheet with their favorite stuffed animal in the middle (or small ball or other soft toy) and gently shake the “parachute” sheet to see if you can balloon the item off the parachute.

Even though the winter months can be downright cold, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Enjoy these fun activities with your children and let us know in the comments how much fun they had and which activity they loved the most. Enjoy your fun time together!

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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