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Faith First

Faith First

It’s an important piece to you and your family, faith formation is the essential piece of your family’s life that you devote your time and attention to the most. As you lay the groundwork and work to incorporate God into your child’s life, we think you will find these amazing children’s faith formation books a wonderful supplement to the work you are already doing!

In no particular order, here are some top books we think you will want to add to your bookshelf.

bedtime prayermap for kids


Good Night, God: A Bedtime Prayer Map

This unique prayer journal is a fun and creative way for the boys and girls in your life to experience the comfort of conversation with God at bedtime. With fun pages designed to guide children to write out specific thoughts, ideas, and lists, creating a "map" for them to follow as they talk to God. Young children can talk to God about the things that matter most to them and begin to learn to unwind their thoughts and give them to God at bedtime.

From God's Word to a Girl's Heart

This delightful devotional celebrates the beautiful bond shared between the heavenly Father and His cherished girls. Designed for young girls ages 8 and older, this devotional’s 90 thought-provoking readings will speak to a girl's heart. From God's Word to a Girl's Heart is a great reminder of God's limitless love for your beautiful girl. It’s the perfect book to give as a gift or use for personal quiet time.


kids book of 180 prayers to change the world

180 Prayers to Change the World (for Kids)

Written for children ages 8-12, this book will put the amazing power of prayer into perspective as they pray for their friends, their families, their neighborhoods, their schools, their cities, their country, and beyond. By encouraging children to “be the change”, sharing ways that children can act on their prayers is one of the most powerful pieces of this book! 


daily devotional for kids

Devotional Minutes for Boys/Girls

The best 60-seconds of your child’s day! Designed to be read in 60-seconds or less, these short biblical scripture readings speak truth into your child as they begin or end their day or anytime in between. As children learn to turn to prayer for support and comfort, the included prayer starters will help children feel encouraged to talk to God whenever and wherever they would like to. 

What God's Word Says about Bullying

Bullying stinks. God cares. The Bible helps. A book to help your child deal with one of society’s most troubling issues, this book covers many topics related to bullying. Children will see how God wants you to treat others—and the help and encouragement He offers if they’re dealing with a bully. 

What other books do you love for your littles? Share them in the comments with us!

We hope that you have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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