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Rain, Rain.. Don't Go Away!

Rain, Rain.. Don't Go Away!

As we move into the fall season, we begin to enjoy the cooler days. Warm cups of coffee and tea by the fireplace begin to be our favorite activity. Some of the most fun days of the fall season are the rainy days when it’s still warm out, but the gentle, cool rain brings the sights and smells of fall.

When the perfect rainstorm comes through, it’s time to get outside and have some fun! You can’t tell us that when you walk past a rain puddle as an adult, your inner child isn’t screaming … “jump in that puddle!” I know mine is! And sometimes, you just have to jump in the puddle.

When the sun hides behind the clouds and the little rain drops start to fall, grab the kiddos and a warm raincoat, and get ready for some fun! 

Before you head out, be sure to grab your rain gear! We found these adorable pieces that you simply must have. From raincoats to rain boots and of course, umbrellas, these fun printed children’s rain gear is absolutely perfect.

Rainy Day Fun Activities

  • Counting all the things
  • Can you count all the leaves under the tree? Let the challenge begin! Or go for a walk around the block and help your kiddos count all the street sign. Can they find a sign that begins with the first letter of their first name?

  • Spot the vehicles
  • Can you find a garbage truck? What about a fire truck? Can you spot a police car? Take turns spotting all the cars on your list while you splash in a few puddles.

  • Hopscotch in the puddles
  • This classic game is even more fun in the rain! We bet each player will be trying to see how big of a splash they can make.

  • Tree Tag
  • Another classic game that is even more fun in the rain. See how quickly you can move from tree to tree without getting caught and tagged.

  • Bubble Fun
  • What’s more fun than blowing bubbles? Bubbles in the rain of course! Let the soap suds fly.

    Whatever you decide to do in the rain, enjoy that fun time with your little ones and make special memories you will cherish forever. Share some of your favorite rainy-day photos in the comments!

    Cheers to splashing in the puddles, 

    Team Simply Blessed Kids 

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