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These Shoes are Made for Walking

These Shoes are Made for Walking

Now that we have that song stuck in your head, let’s talk about a fun topic … walking! Although it is fun to talk about adult walking and the benefits, this blog is dedicated to a little smaller shoe size. Those adorable little toes aren’t going to know what hit them when they start to use their tiny feet to stand and move around. But here are some fun tips to help encourage your child’s developmental growth in this area!

At what age do babies and toddlers begin walking?

First things first. When do babies actually start walking? That can be a loaded question! It all depends on the child. Some infants begin pulling themselves up and working on standing, the first step in gaining their balance to begin taking steps, as early as 6 months old. However, it’s more common that littles begin standing and working on their first steps somewhere around the age of 1 to 18 months and usually are taking several steps and going longer distances around 18 months to 2 years.

baby deer metallic mary jane shoes for toddler


Do babies need shoes?

Well, sort of. It’s preferred that littles who are just beginning to pull themselves up to standing actually work on the task barefoot! This allows their feet and toes to begin to feel and grip the floor. It’s important they learn to stand with their feet flat on the floor (within reason) so that they have the balance mastered before they start taking steps! However, one thing that some kiddos enjoy having on their feet is some sort of grippy sock that prevents slipping while they work on standing. Use your best judgement but barefoot babies are usually the best way to go! And they are so darn cute too!

When should my toddler start wearing shoes?

Again, this one is subject to each individual child but typically when they have mastered standing and their first few steps while keeping their balance, they are ready for shoes! 

There are all kinds of shoes on the market and many that are intended for different stages of growth and walking!

Shoes such as an infant shoe are designed with a very soft sole and are meant to move with the infant’s foot. More for warmth and cuteness than function, infant shoes are made to go on easily and fit comfortably on their foot.

Toddler shoes typically come with a regular firm sole such as an adult shoe. They still are more pliable than an adult shoe but are intended to provide protection and performance while they walk. Most toddler shoes have Velcro closures or something similar for easy on and off!

Once they have mastered walking and are wearing shoes daily, it’s fun to build their little wardrobe up with darling shoes for all their cute outfits! Slip-ons and sandals are usually added at this point as well! There are lots of options for both little boys and little girls’ shoes. Some of our favorite brands of little kiddo shoes can be found here!

childs canvas shoes from chus in navy blue

What’s next?

Learning to tie your shoes is the next big fun step! Although we are not experts on that training, we have found the most darling books that help! This “My Shoes” cloth book is interactive and helps teach littles not only how to tie their shoes but also how to zip, Velcro, snap and buckle their shoes (and other clothing items which is a bonus!). They get to practice their skills over and over again while making it fun!


kids book for teaching kids about My Shoes

What is your favorite infant or toddler shoe? Tell us in the comments!

Cheers to learning a new skill!

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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