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Help! What do I gift my pre-teen for Christmas this year?!

Help! What do I gift my pre-teen for Christmas this year?!

Christmas will be here before you know it and we bet you have some pre-teens on your list that you want to buy gifts for but have not a single clue where to start or what to get them? Boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12 can be challenging to buy for!  They tend to be in that in-between stage where they are too old for most of the puzzles and games but not quite old enough for more advanced gift ideas. One of the things that we think is a special gift that you can give any child at any time is the gift of knowing God and having a relationship with Him. With all the outside pressures of the world on young children, helping them find grounding in their faith can be the most precious gift of all. 

Around here we like to have fun with our faith and we have some gift ideas that we think you (and the recipient) will love!

Bible-based Gifts for Young Adults

From payers to devotions to journals, we have the perfect gift idea for the young men and women in your life.  We’ve rounded up a list of the best gifts for pre-teens and we are sharing it below!  These gifts are recommended for ages 8-12.

  1.     Devotions for Pre-Teens

“Choose Adventure – 180 Epic Devotions for Brave Boys” and “Choose Extraordinary – 180 Faith Building Devotions for Courageous Girls” are a GREAT place to start!  These books are filled with just the right size reading and challenges for young individuals.  Plus, they offer lots of encouragement through stories of Bible Heroines making learning and growing in their walk with God fun and adventurous!

  1.     The Power of Prayer

Learning the power of prayer at a young age is a gift in and of itself, but these prayer journals take it to the next level and help young readers create their own “roadmap” for the things they wish to pray about. “The Prayer Map For Girls” and “The Prayer Map for Boys” are amazing staple items for your young readers bookshelf. These journals are filled with thought-starters, guidance and colorful pages designed to make the power of prayer a fun and meaningful activity.  One they will continue to carry on throughout their life!

  1.     Journaling

Devotional journals are one of our favorite things to gift to young disciples! They offer the ability to learn how to channel their thoughts into blessings, prayers and time with God.  “Dare To Be A Brave Boy” and “You Are Worthy Girl. Never Forget That!” make daily devotions fun and encouraging.

  1.     Surrounded In Scripture

Of course, you can never go wrong with connecting young adults to the Word of God and the scriptures throughout the bible. “Bible Promise Book: 500 Scriptures for Brave Boys” is an enjoyable book for young men talking about timeless topics such as serving, loving, trusting, obeying, praying and more in a fun and inviting way.  Connecting the topics that they deal with everyday back to hundreds of bible verses, gives young men a launchpad for being lifelong bible readers. 

Another wonderful book that all young readers enjoy is “Dive In! Devotions for Kids - Go Deep With Understanding HIS Word”. A fun book focused on encouraging young adults to “dive into” the word of God by offering a collection of 101 topics on Christian living.  This non gender specific book is great for girls and boys! Help them dive into faith and prayer and His word on a daily basis.

  1.     Creative Ways to Connect with God

We might have saved the most unique and fun gift idea for the end. “Decisions, Decisions – Devotions for Kids – Featuring 40 fun, choose-an-ending stories” is such an entertaining and creative book that we know young readers will love it!  What would you do if … a friend tried to get you to steal something? … you were tempted to cheat on a test? … Each story offers 3 possible endings that the reader gets to pick from, and they learn as they go based on the ending they choose.  Helping children learn bible-based decision making is not only important, but fun as well! I’m sure you remember enjoying similar books as a kid and we are excited to offer a Bible-based version!

These are our top 5 recommendations that we know your pre-teen will love! No matter which of the above books you go with, you cannot make a wrong decision!  In fact, we bet you will be back for more once your favorite young readers get their hands on these amazing, bible-based reads.  You can find all of these titles and more at our store located in Lawrenceburg, KY and online at

We hope you have a blessed holiday season!

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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