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Gorgeous gifts for the new (or soon-to-be) mama!

Gorgeous gifts for the new (or soon-to-be) mama!

It’s that time of year where we start to think about spoiling the ones we love and showing them how much they mean to us.  Although we do this all year round, the holidays are a special time to gather and share the love of gifting to your favorite people.

One of our favorite people on the planet is our mamas!  They do so much for their children and families and deserve to be cherished and spoiled all year round.  But what do you get the busy mama who barely has enough time to get herself ready in the mornings, let alone take time for herself? 

We’ve put together a guide with the BEST gifts for your favorite mama of littles! Make her feel like the queen she is with our exclusive line of accessories made by Itzy Ritzy and just for mom.  These gorgeous accessories will make mama feel special and loved for sure!

Carrying the essentials in style!

Coffee & Cream Chill Like a Boss Bottle Bag jetseter Chill Like a Boss Bottle Bag


Bottle Bags that have an elevated style are a must for the parents on-the-go.  Made from high quality materials, these insulated bottle bags hold up to 3 full-size bottles as well as food and an ice pack to keep it all chilled.  Our favorites are the Coffee & Cream Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bag, Vanilla Latte Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bag, and Jetsetter Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bag.  We love that you can carry it on its own or attach it to your diaper bag or stroller! Fashionable and functional!


Mom wants a new purse!

Stroller Caddy for new mom that attaches to a stroller


While we are spoiling mom with ritzy products, let’s get her the next best thing to a new purse … you’ve got to see these stroller caddy’s! These aren’t your normal stroller attachments.  Nope, these are elevated and sophisticated bags that fit perfectly on the back of the stroller and expertly carry all the things a busy mom needs!  Having all the essentials within quick reach and in style will definitely make her smile!  With several options to choose from (be sure to grab the matching pattern to the bottle bag you got her), mom will love being spoiled with this high-end, yet super functional accessory!


Jewelry for mom!

Teething Necklaces for mom's

Any mama of littles knows the struggle of wearing beautiful jewelry while little hands are near.  Those sparkly, dangly pieces are a magnet for little hands … and mouths!  So, what’s a mom to do when she wants to elevate her look with some accessories? Enter necklaces made for mom but safe for baby too!  Our Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens™ Teething Necklaces are made from 100% food grade silicone and are safe for baby’s hands and mouths.  You can even let baby chew on your necklace because, well, teething happens. Fashion and function at its finest!  And the beauty of these necklaces allows mom to wear them and feel safe around baby.  When the day is done, just pop it into the dishwasher to give it a good wash.  How cool is that?  Then when baby is older you can splurge on mom and get her that gorgeous gold necklace she deserves :)


As the holidays are quickly approaching, get your hands on these goodies right away before they are out of stock!  They are going quickly and we don’t want you to miss out on hearing mom say “Oh my goodness that is gorgeous! Thank you!”


Here’s to a blessed upcoming holiday season,

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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