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Oh, the dreaded "T" word... TEETHING!

Oh, the dreaded "T" word... TEETHING!

A necessary evil, but if we could just skip right over that stage of growth and land right in the eating yummy foods phase, that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? As moms, it is so tough to watch our littles go through the work of getting those adorable little pearly whites to pop through the gums. It can be so painful for some little ones.  But never fear!  We have some awesome solutions that moms swear by for you and your little sweetheart!

One of the most loved and trusted brands of infant and toddler products we carry here at Simply Blessed, knows just how to soothe those sore little gums ... and in style we might add!

The Teething Egg has MASTERED the art of teething! If you haven’t heard of their products before, let’s tell you all the details of why mom’s love them so much!  Oh, and we’ve included some testimonials as well.  Just don’t take our word for it!

Introducing The Molar Magician

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats and get ready to be amazed by the neatest teether on the market (sorry, we couldn’t resist)! The Molar Magician made by The Teething Egg company (another great teether we will tell you about in just a minute) is the teether every little one needs.  

This award-winning teether is shaped specifically to reach the back teeth and gums of babies! Genius! 

Unlike traditional teethers, the flexible, yet firm, arms reach around the teeth and gums to the back molar areas.  Talk about providing relief! But don’t worry, the oval shape of the teether is designed to only reach so far into your babies’ mouth and is very easy for little hands to hold.  

      little boy in a cute hat using the teething lanyard teether lanyard that attaches to your child's shirt

This awesome teether comes in lots of different colors and accessories! The teether lanyard is perfect for attaching to your little cuties shirt so they can easily grab their teether when they want to chew on it!

      young baby using the teething pal  the teething pal - a fluffy friend that attaches to the top of the teether


The Teething Pal comes in a variety of fluffy friends you attach to the teether to allow baby to easily grab and play with their teether while having a fun pal to play with. 

      teething nummie lovie - soft cuddly teether that attaches to a soft blanket for your baby the teething nummie lovie a soft coddly blanket that attaches to your teether

The Teething Nummie Lovie a soft and cuddly, just-the-right-size lovie you attach to the teether and acts as babies’ security blanket and bonus Molar Magician holder.

                    Molar Magician Molarshell Protective Case

The Molar Magician Molarshell Protective Case is a must to keep babies Molar Magician clean and free of germs when not in use. Additionally, the perfectly shaped case attaches to The Molar Magician teether while it’s connected to the lanyard, Teething Pal or Teething Nummie so it's easy to grab and remove and hand to baby when the time to chew arrives!

And don’t forget The Teething Egg …


     teething egg young baby girl using the purple teething egg

Along with The Molar Magician, don’t forget to grab your little one a Teething Egg as well! Just like The Molar Magician, The Teething Egg (the original product that started it all) is an award-winning teether shaped perfectly to provide teething coverage of both the top and bottom gums!  The egg-shaped teether easily glides around the mouth while the large end prevents it from being a choking hazard.  The bonus part of this teether??? There is a rattle inside! Keep baby entertained and pain free with this USA made teether.  

     white grippie stick for your mint green teething egg  teething eggshell protective case

All the accessories noted above for the Molar Magician work with your Teething Egg as well!  Attach The Teething Pal, lanyard or Nummie Lovie to the teething egg just like you do the Molar Magician.  AND an additional fun accessory for The Teething Egg is The Grippie Stick.  This accessory can be easily added to your teether to give your little one even more control over handling their teether (and coincidental rattle).  And don’t forget The Teething Eggshell Protective Case to keep the teether free of germs when baby isn’t using it.

Although we don’t have a product to prevent the teething process (trust us, we would tell you if we did!), we know that this product will make it much easier to get through the process and make it just a little bit more fun. 


Thank you & see you soon! 

The Simply Blessed Children's Boutique Team 

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