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How to Beat the Summer Boredom!

How to Beat the Summer Boredom!

Along with summer fun and plans comes well, boredom. It’s amazing to me how we can be less than a week into summer vacation and you suddenly hear “I’m bored!” more times than you can count. As an adult, I pray for the day I get to say I am bored. Haha!

But don’t worry! We have some fun, creative and kid loving ideas to keep everyone engaged and enjoying their summer vacation.

We rounded up 10 ideas for you that cost little to nothing at all and can be played over and over again! Tell us in the comments some other fun ideas you have and share them with our community.

Painting With Ice

This is a fun and creative (definitely outdoor) activity. Using ice cube trays, you our paint into the trays and freeze them. Once frozen, grab some butcher paper and the frozen paint “sticks” and let the kiddos create their favorite masterpieces! Check out this fun blog with all the information!

Homemade Playdough

This is a quick and fun activity for kids to help with. We love this recipe here. Grab some unused containers, cookie cutters, plastic silverware and any other pre-loved items around the house and get creative with your creations!


kid's red thinking putty

All Things Squishy

In the event you prefer to not make your own playdough, we have a solution! Meet “Thinking Putty”! This stretchable, soft, colorful putty is non-toxic and never dries out making it perfect for taking on the go or playing around the house and outside. They make lots of fun colors and the price is so reasonable! Grab one (or two or three) for every kiddo.

Good Ole’ Sidewalk Chalk … but with a twist

… an ice cream twist that is! Take your typical lemonade stand to the next level with fun Chalk Play Sets from Melissa & Doug®. These sweet sets are so fun and creative and will be the perfect outdoor activity for your little ones. They can trace, draw and stamp with the adorable sets. And we won’t tell anyone if you play with them as well :)

melissa and doug sweet treat chalk set for outside

BASKETball Toss

Grab those laundry baskets and all the balls in the house (or balloons work well too if you need to play this game indoors)! Set up a game of basketball, horse or bean bag toss in the yard. Easy and fun!

Get Planting!

Have a green thumb? Grab some unused glass jars or plastic cups and containers, some potting soil and your favorite flower or garden seeds and get to work! Kiddos love getting dirty so why not get some learning and playing time all in one? These pre-made sets are adorable and come with almost everything you need to grow and care for your new plants. Grab these Sesame Street – Green Toys Outdoor Activity Sets for a quick and fun outdoor activity afternoon.


sesame street outdoor activity set


Duck, Duck, SPLASH

You know the original, Duck, Duck, Goose … let’s take it up a notch and add some cooling fun on the hot summer days! Same rules as the original game but the “goose” gets dunked! This game can get pretty rowdy and fun and we guarantee you will keep your cool with all the water cooling off your little ones.

Knock the Can (or container, or bucket)

Using those plastic containers, cups and buckets you have laying around the house, make a fun stack in the yard or driveway and see how many you can knock down with your ball or balloon. Get creative with your set-up and have fun bowling, bouncing, and banging!

Outdoor Painting

Grab some old newspapers or paper sacks and lay them out in the driveway, picnic table or grass and get out the paints! We would also suggest old play clothes for this activity :) Watercolor painting and pre-made sets such as these adorable resin figurines are perfect for this activity. Use the extra paint to color in your favorite coloring book when you are done!

outdoor painting for kids


Yard Dice

You don’t need to buy a set if you want to get creative and use items you have around the house. Save those shipping boxes and packages and make your own set! Tape the boxes up, get your sharpie and make some dots and voila! Yard Dice! What game will you play? We love Left, Right, Center and Yard Yahtzee.

That’s a great list to get you started! Tell us in the comments which ones you try and let us know any other fun ideas you have. We love sharing ideas in our community! We hope you have a blessed and fun summer!

Have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids

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