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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

We can’t even believe that we are about to say this … the end of the school year is nearing, and summer is fast approaching! Can you believe it?! Most students have less than 2 months and then it’s off to summer activities, family vacations and time with friends. Ah, the magic of summer.

What do you have planned for the summer? If you are like most, we can bet you have water activities somewhere on the agenda. Whether you are heading to your local or backyard pool or you have plans to go to the river, lake, cabin, or beach, we know that sun and fun are a must!

As we think ahead to these fun activities, it’s a great time to remind ourselves not only to have fun and enjoy but to be safe also! 

Protect those eyes!

kids googles available at simply blessed kids

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, my favorite pastime in the pool was swimming around underwater and sneaking up on my siblings and friends. Eyes wide open in the pool so I could find their legs and swim through them, protecting my eyes from the chlorine and other chemicals was the furthest thing on my mind! As parents, we totally know now how important it is to help our kiddos protect their eyes as best we can, and swim goggles are the easiest and most fun way to do that. 

Nowadays there are some pretty fantastic ones out there on the market! With UV protectant, adjustable straps and of course the cutest designs, protecting our little ones is easy and fun.


Learning to become Great Swimmers

girls swimwear and accessories

Life Jacket Safety

Do you have a little fish at your house? Whether your kiddo is a master in the water or is still developing their skills, it’s likely they need some assistance with their swimming. Life jackets and Puddle Jumpers are essential for low-skill swimmers who are working on mastering their skills. Be sure to pick a life jacket that matches the manufacturers recommended age/size/weight so that it fits properly.

Be careful when you jump and dive

One of the most common ways we see injuries in the pool or lake is from diving in. Always remind your children to jump feet first to protect themselves from possible head and neck injuries. Especially when jumping into a body of water, it can be difficult to see the depth of the water. Encourage those cannon balls over pencil dives!

Always swim with friends

Not only is it fun to swim with a buddy it’s also an extra step to take toward safety too! For young children, encouraging them to always be on the lookout that they are close to an adult when they enter any water (and have their life jacket on!) is a must. Encouraging them to always swim with a friend is an added bonus! 

Add some swim toys for fun but do it safely

shark pool toys for kids

Grab the water rings, diving sticks, beach balls and games for your next swimming time! It’s ok to play with toys in the water, but it is recommended that they are used in conjunction with adult supervision. The American Red Cross emphasizes to “ … not rely on the use of water wings, swim rings, inflatable toys or other items designed for water recreation to replace adult supervision.”

What are some of your child’s favorite water toys? Share them in the comments with us. We love any toys that can be used both in the pool and in the bathtub too!

No matter what your plans are for this summer we hope you have a blessed time and stay safe!

Have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids


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