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How to Make the Ultimate Gift Basket for a Child's Birthday

How to Make the Ultimate Gift Basket for a Child's Birthday

One of the most highly anticipated events for a kid every year is their birthday! It’s the celebration of the year for several reasons- a special day that’s just for them, spending time with friends & family, cake and pizza are all usually always on top of the list! But let’s be honest- one of the biggest perks is receiving presents! Sometimes kids don’t have a clearly defined wish list so the gift-giving portion can be a bit overwhelming. One way to really wow a birthday boy or girl is to create the ultimate gift basket! Sure, any present is great, but a gift basket is made up of several little presents and is sure to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special and surprised! At Simply Blessed Kids, we know all about gift giving and have the best tips on how to create the ultimate gift basket for a child’s birthday!

Pick a Theme

A thoughtfully curated gift basket typically starts with a theme that ties the whole gift basket all together! If you know the child well, it’s best to pick one of his/her favorite characters, hobbies or interests. This can help you think about what gifts you want to incorporate within the gift basket. But if you aren’t exactly sure what the child likes, it’s just as fun to pick out a popular color or a more broad level theme. For example, if you are shopping for a little boy- check out your local boy’s clothing boutique for either dinosaur or truck themed toys and clothes that will make the perfect addition for your gift basket! 

Choose your “Basket”

Now that you have your theme, it’s time to choose a “basket”. When creating a gift basket, the container you use to hold all your gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual basket! A traditional gift basket is a great option, but sometimes it’s more fun to think outside of the box! A wooden rustic crate can act as a great base to house all your gifts and later be used to put all the toys and books away in his or her room! A laundry basket is also a great idea if you are looking for something functional. The hosting mama will surely appreciate having a nice-looking vessel to store cozy blankets, or to haul laundry back and forth! Lastly, a backpack in the color and/or theme of your present can act as a great gift holder too! Kids love transporting their favorite things anywhere they go so no one can ever have too many backpacks! Whichever “basket” you end up choosing- your gift recipient will be surely excited to open it!

Fill your Basket with Fun Gifts

Once you have your “basket”, the fun part is selecting items that match your theme! This is where the age of the child becomes a huge factor! Activity books or story books are both educational and thoughtful gifts! You can also select toys or games that promote creativity, physical activity or problem solving. Arts and crafts are also great options to help promote artistic expression. Clothes like a fun T-shirt or a pretty dress will also bring joy and excitement to the birthday child! Finally, don’t forget to fill your basket with some sweet treats! You can include candies, chocolates or even cookies!  After all, no birthday is complete without some extra sugar added to it! 

Creating the ultimate gift basket doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds! Start by selecting a theme that you think the birthday boy or girl will love! Then, pick a traditional or unique “basket” that can act as the perfect base for all your presents. Finally, make sure to fill your basket with fun gifts like books, games, crafts, clothing and sweets! Once you present the gift basket to the birthday boy or girl, be prepared to see the look of pure excitement and joy! 

At Simply Blessed Kids we have a wide selection of children’s items that will make the perfect addition to any gift basket! Browse our entire selection of girls and boys boutique clothes online today! 

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