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Creative Ideas to Make this Summer Extra Fun for Your Kiddos!

Creative Ideas to Make this Summer Extra Fun for Your Kiddos!

Summer is officially here and it’s finally time to sit back and enjoy the warmer temperatures with your family! For many of us, summers are filled with family vacations, outdoor BBQs, visits to the pool or beach and hopefully some downtime. But let’s be honest, summertime also means the kiddos are home from school, and it seems like they are either constantly bored, hungry or both! This is why it’s important to keep them busy with exciting activities and adventures that will not only occupy them but also create dun memories for the family! Here are some creative ideas to help you make this summer extra fun for your little ones: 

Have a Water Gun Race 

Nothing says summer more than busting out your stash of water guns and super soakers to really have some fun in the sun! Kid’s usually like to fill them up and just soak each other but you can keep them extra busy by adding in a little friendly competition- a water gun race. Just set up a cup in front of each child and see who can fill up the cup the fastest. Depending on the size of your cup and gun, this may require them to fill up their guns a few times in order to win! This is a great way to keep your kiddos busy playing with their water guns for a longer period of time! 

Organize Water Balloon Games with Neighbors 

Another great water activity to keep your kids cool this summer is to have them play with water balloons! In the past, filling up water balloons used to be an activity on its  own. You had to fill up each water balloon and tie it off, which could get very time consuming when you have to make a ton of them! Nowadays, they have streamlined the process so that you can fill up several water balloons within minutes and they even tie themselves off- making it way easier to organize water balloon games with your neighbors.

Another great way to use water balloons is to organize a water balloon toss. It’s a classic game where you split up kids in teams of twos and line them up in pairs facing each other. Each team starts off the game somewhat close to each other and one of the partners tosses a water balloon to the other. Everytime the water balloon is tossed and caught without bursting, one of the partners takes a step back. Each team plays a round at the same time to see the furthest distance they can toss the water balloon without breaking it. The last team remaining with their water balloon intact, wins! 

Go Camping in your Backyard

Camping outdoors is another fun activity that the whole family can enjoy during the summer. There are many places that offer pre-designated camping sites but you typically have to make reservations in advance and plan ahead. Sometimes it’s just nice to be spontaneous and set up your own camping trip- in your backyard. You can help teach your kids some essential outdoor skills as to how to set up a tent and start an outdoor fire. You can grab a bunch of sleeping bags and enjoy sleeping outdoors. This is also a great opportunity to go star-gazing and teach your kids about different constellations. The best part of camping in your backyard is that if your kiddos have a hard time sleeping in the tent- you can just transition back into your house and enjoy the comfort of your own home! 

Explore Nature

Being outdoors is a great way to get your kiddos to truly appreciate nature! If you have little ones, you can plan a nature scavenger hunt that encourages them to find various items such as specific types of flowers, leaves or rocks. They can even glue these items on a piece of paper to make a keepsake of what they found! For older kids, you can visit a local nature preserve and take them on a nature hike. This is a great way to explore different trails and discover different types of wildlife such as plants and animal tracks. They can also document their findings by creating a nature binder with different sketches or drawings of what they observed on their hike. This will not only keep your kids active but also get their creative juices flowing! 

Host a Summer Tea Party

Speaking of creative juices, an outdoor tea party is a great way to get your little girl involved in planning an event for her friends. With school out for the summer, kids miss seeing some of their friends from class. You and your child can create a guest list of a few friends from school and create special tea party invitations. You can also get your little one involved in the hosting process by having her pick out a theme and a special tablecloth for the tea party. Don’t forget to have her dress the part! Visit a local girls clothing boutique for a special outfit or a pretty hat so that your child feels extra fancy on that day! 

Summer is the best time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year and let your kids slow down for a few months. It can also feel challenging to come up with ideas to keep your kids occupied and avoid the boredom that comes with a lack of structure. Getting your kids outside and engaged in water play will not only help keep them cool but is also a ton of fun! Having your kids participate in either water gun racing or organizing water balloon games with the neighbors are unique ways to use the water toys that you already have! Encouraging your kids to really enjoy the outdoors is also a must during the summer months. Camping in your backyard is also a great way to test the outdoor living with your kiddos before committing to a long camping trip at an official campsite! You can also explore the outdoors by setting up a nature scavenger hunt or by going on a nature hike around the neighborhood to get your child enjoying the outdoors! Finally, you can help your child feel connected with their friends from school by hosting a summer get together such as an epic tea party! No matter what the activity is, Simply Blessed Kids has all the needed essentials to make this summer extra special for your little ones! 

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