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The Top Gifts for Your Little Graduate!

The Top Gifts for Your Little Graduate!

As parents, it’s heartwarming to celebrate each milestone that happens as our kids grow up and learn how to navigate through life! One of these important milestones is commemorating our growing scholar’s first graduation! Whether your child is graduating from preschool or finishing their first year of kindergarten- graduation is a huge deal! After all, it’s probably their first time wearing a graduation hat and walking across (or standing) on a stage and being applauded for all their accomplishments and advancing in school. These first graduation ceremonies are just the beginning of the many more graduations for your little one to come, which is why the first is extra special! What better way to congratulate your little graduate than by presenting them with a gift that they won’t forget? Here are some of our top gift ideas for your little graduate that will be sure to put the biggest smile on their face come graduation day!


Preschool and Kindergarten are the formidable years where your child learns the basics of reading and writing. Adding to your little one’s library is a great way to help cultivate their growing education! This is a great opportunity to choose books that are not only age appropriate, but also cater to their interests! For example, books about first experiences such as visiting the dentist or going to the doctor are a great option to help prepare your child for upcoming life events! Additionally, books about their favorite subject are another way to encourage their love for reading and learning. Looking for a more personalized touch? You can visit your favorite children’s online boutique for unique book titles for your child! 

Crafts & Activity Sets

It’s no secret that kids love being busy, so a craft or activity set is the perfect way to keep your little one occupied! Crafts and activity sets can help unleash your child’s inner creativity while encouraging them to have hands-on fun and promote a sense of accomplishment! From creating their own truck wooden craft kit, to a bead kit where your child can make necklaces or bracelets, these gifts are a great way to enhance both growth and development, along with creativity! Science experiment kits are also a great option to help introduce your child to new concepts and skills! The best kind of gift combines both fun and learning and these sets make education much more enjoyable and memorable for your little ones! 

Outdoor Toys

Graduations usually take place towards the end of the school year-typically in the beginning of the summer. This is the perfect opportunity to choose a gift that will encourage your child to go outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures! Toys that motivate your kiddo to get moving by running, jumping or climbing will help increase their physical activity and contribute to their healthy growth and development! A new trampoline, bike or swing are all great gift options for your new graduate! Especially since we live in a world where kids are more drawn to screens and indoor activities, giving your child a gift that gets them outside is always a refreshing alternative! 

Choosing the best graduation gift for your little one to celebrate their achievement can and should be a fun experience! Graduating from preschool or kindergarten is a significant milestone for your child and presenting them with a gift to commemorate the occasion makes it even more memorable! Books make great gifts but can also double as a card where you can write your little graduate a cute congratulatory message! Craft and activity sets not only will keep your child occupied but are an excellent way to boost creativity and exploration! Finally, fun outdoor toys can help keep your child moving and get them active during the summer months! For more unique gift options, make sure to check out Simply Blessed Kids’ graduation gift guide and shop our children’s online boutique today! 

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