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The cutest St. Patrick's Day outfits for your kids!

The cutest St. Patrick's Day outfits for your kids!

You Call It Lucky, We Call it Blessed

Who is looking forward to the fun holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day? Are you celebrating? It’s a day where we get to have fun wearing our favorite color of green, maybe enjoy some fun foods and run around trying not to get pinched! I mean, that is fun in and of itself! :)

While the history of St. Patrick’s Day dates back to the ninth century when Saint Patrick was celebrated for bringing Christianity to Ireland during the fifth century, it has evolved over thousands of years into the modern-day festivities it is today. Fun fact … the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held not in Ireland but in America in what is now St. Augustine, FL on March 17, 1601. Today you can find some fun and massive celebrations throughout the world. But just be sure to wear green or you will get pinched! A tradition not at all associated with the original symbolism behind St. Patrick’s Day but rather the modern day take, wearing green keeps you invisible from pesky leprechauns who pinch you if you are not wearing it! As silly as it sounds, we love going along with the fun tradition. You must always be on the lookout for a leprechaun who may be lurking near you :)

Speaking of keeping yourself pinch proof

If you find yourself in need of a last-minute outfit to ensure you remain invisible from all the leprechauns running around out there, we have you covered. No leprechaun will be able to get near you with these adorable outfits. We have mom and kiddo all set to rock that green in style!

Keep your little mister pinch proof in this cute boy’s tee and we know you have the cutest clover in the patch to dress for the holiday so be sure to grab her this darling outfit set! Those little leprechauns won’t know what hit them when they come upon your little sweeties!

Momma needs some green too! Feelin’ lucky? Grab this fun tee for the day’s activities. No one wants to be pinched … especially by your adorable little toddlers who love to get in on the tradition. You have enough on your plate that you don’t need to be worrying about getting pinched too! Ha!

Luck of the Irish?

4-leaf clovers might be the lucky charm you need, but we are the lucky ones at Simply Blessed Children’s Boutique! We don’t need to be Irish to see what luck we have been given. Not only do we have the cutest clothing, baby accessories and all things kids’ toys, we have the best customers and friends in all the land.

Blessings come in all forms, but we must tell you, the greatest blessing for us has come from the interactions and the people we have met through our boutique. So many new faces walk in our doors every week and it is always fun to get to know our visitors! We all come from different backgrounds, have different needs and are browsing for items for different purposes. It’s fun to meet moms, dads, aunts, grandmas, cousins, and best friends who stop by our little slice of heaven to shop with us.

So, here’s to a blessed day and a fun St. Patrick’s Day holiday! May you remain pinch proof and not see any leprechauns as you go about your day!

Have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids


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