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What’s the deal with organic clothing?

What’s the deal with organic clothing?

When it comes to our babies, we will do anything to keep them healthy and safe! We want what is best for them no matter what! Those cute little innocent faces, squishy cheeks and drooly grins are definitely worth protecting. 

With so many products and things on the market for babies these days it can get a little bit overwhelming. Ok, maybe a lot overwhelming! When it comes to fashion and your babies’ silky soft skin, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best things we can do for our little sweethearts is provide them with sustainable fashion options that not only keeps them cute but also keep them protected. 


What’s the deal and why is it becoming so popular?


organic cotton in the field

The basis of organic clothing stems from its main component, cotton. Cotton itself is grown in fields where pesticides and other chemicals are applied to the crops during the growing process. While some pesticide use is regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), it’s only regulated to a certain extent. Other seeds, insecticides and toxic chemicals that are not regulated are applied to the cotton plant which ultimately absorbs into the cotton flower. When the cotton is harvested those chemicals are engrained in the plant and end up in the final products such as your clothing. Sourcing cotton from a certified organic farm is the only way to prevent having those harmful chemicals laced in the fibers of yours (and your babies) clothing. 

As you can probably guess, babies’ skin is much more sensitive and absorbs outside environmental stressors much easier and faster than adult skin. That’s why it’s important that we focus on and take a close look at the foods, air, and items our babies touch to make sure they are as free from toxic chemicals as possible. Adding clothing and textiles to the list of items to be on the lookout for certainly makes sense to add to the list!


infographic on the difference between baby skin and adult skin


But wait, organic clothing must be super expensive, right?

Let’s squash that rumor right away. It doesn’t have to be!! Just like any product on the market, you can find some exquisite fashion pieces on the market … that come with an exquisite price tag as well. You can also find some very inexpensive organic clothing items on the market as well. But they may not be all that they say they are. If it isn’t certified, there is no way to tell exactly what products went into making that adorable item.

So, finding organic clothing that is affordable, functional, and cute is easier than you think! There are several companies out there who solely focus on just that. 


mom and baby wearing organic clothing

One of our favorite lines comes from Burt’s Bees Baby™. And boy do they have some adorable items! Clothing made for both boys and girls and you will absolutely love the price. Every piece in this collection is under $20. Yep, that is right!! How affordable is that?

From the most darling little girls rompers to boys complete sets, not only will your baby be darling in these patterns and colors but they will be comfortable and you will feel good knowing that the fabrics touching their delicate skin are as pure as possible.

What should I look for when buying organic baby clothing?


organic textiles


The first thing you should look for is the proof of certification. Every certified organic item has been reviewed and confirmed it meets the standards of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) from beginning to end in the supply chain process. If you want to, you can go an extra step and confirm the items GOTS number is indeed in the GOTS database for peace of mind.

Don’t be fooled by the word “organic”! The word itself is not regulated and can be freely used on any product. Therefore, we suggest you look for the certification details by a certified organic organization such as GOTS to confirm that the item is in fact “organic”.

Just do your best!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the things we think we need to do to protect our babies. We encourage you to just do your best and find small switches you can make in everyday items you and your baby use. Start with clothing and soaps, shampoos and other items such as these. Start making small swaps and they will add up to big changes. Always be sure to check the labels and confirm the products you are purchasing truly meet your needs and standards. 

But most importantly have fun! Enjoy this time with your little ones and focus on what you can in the moment. They will love you for all of the love you show them!

Tell us in the comments some of your favorite swaps you’ve made for healthier and happier babies! We would love to hear!

Have a blessed week,

Team Simply Blessed Kids


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